How Do I Change the Person Responsible for a Contact?

Any contact, whether it is a company or a person can be edited directly in the contact view itself, and this includes changing the person responsible.

You can follow the below steps to change the person responsible for your contact:

  1. Go to the Contacts section
  2. Open the contact you would like to edit by clicking on it
  3. Click on the down arrow to expand the Additional info section
  4. Click on the name in Responsible to enter the edit mode
  5. Start typing the name of the new person responsible
  6. Select the new responsible from the auto-complete list
  7. Click anywhere outside the field

Contacts - Additional Info - Arrow

Changing contacts responsible in additional info

  • All your changes are saved automatically and the person responsible for the contact has also been updated.
Pro Tip:
While adding a new contact you can directly assign another user as responsible for the contact. You can change the responsible under ‘additional info’ after clicking on ‘Show all fields’ while creating the contact. 
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