How To Add A New Dial in UPilot?

In UPilot CRM, you have the option of creating different dials based on your business needs. You can pick and choose the different parameters to get the exact numbers you need.

To create a new dial, you can either Add a new dial from scratch, or clone a pre-existing dial.

Adding a New Dial

To add a new dial:

  1. Go to the Insights section
  2. Click ‘Add new dial’ on the top-right corner
  3. Choose the type of dial you would like to add
  4. Enter the required details
  5. [Optional] You can further filter the data used to calculate the dial under ‘More filtering options’
  6. Click ‘Create
  • Your new dial has now been created

Duplicating a Pre-existing Dial

You can also duplicate a pre-existing dial and make small changes to it based on your needs. To duplicate a pre-existing dial:

  1. Go to the Insights section
  2. Hover over the dial to be duplicated
  3. Click ‘Show Menu’ on the bottom-left corner of the dial
  4. Click ‘Duplicate dial
  • Your dial has been duplicated and you can now edit the parameters as you would like by clicking on the name of the dial, selecting the parameters, and then clicking Save
Pro Tip: 
Duplicating dials lets you quickly create your reports, and gives you the flexibility to easily compare how your sales are doing over several different periods of time, how each salesperson is doing in comparison to the other, etc.
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