How to Import Data via CSV in UPilot?

UPilot offers two different ways to import your contacts, deals, and other data to the CRM. You have the option of importing a CSV file that you have, or alternatively you can import your data from other CRMs such as Highrise and Insightly as well. 

The import can be done both when you are creating your account, or at a later stage. During the registration process, you would be given an option to directly import your data in the CRM. 

Importing your Contacts and Deals

If you have your data such as contacts and deals stored as a CSV file, you can directly import it in UPilot. Here you can import all your data; for example both your Companies (or Accounts) as well as the people in the company in a single go with all the people being automatically linked to the company.

Formatting your data

Download a template you can use to import your Contacts

Import the data

  1. Click on the ‘Create’ menu >  ‘Import Data’ from the list
    On the top, Go too Create, and then Import
  2. Select “from a CSV file
    Import from CSV - Step 1
  3. Choose what you would like to import – Contacts or Deals
  4. Select the file you would like to import from
    Note: If you are importing both the companies and contacts with each having their own contact information, the companies should be imported before the contacts. This will create a company, and then link the required people to it.
  5. Map the fields to the related fields in UPilot CRM
    The first three rows of the data from your file are displayed to help you map your fields better.
    Here you can choose which fields from your file you would like to import.
    IMport Data - Match with Columns
  6. Add the fields for the Status, and the source of the contacts along with the tags
  7. Click on ‘Import your data’ at the bottom of the page

Import CSV - Valid


  • Your data import will now start. You will get an Email when the import has been completed.

In the event some contacts were skipped from being imported, you can check the line numbers mentioned in the email received to make sure that atleast the First Name, Last Name, or the Company Name is mentioned. 
Pro Tip: 
You can also create a new filter when you import your contacts to help you better organize them in UPilot.

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