How to Log An Already Completed Task in UPilot?

In UPilot, not only you can schedule an upcoming task but you can also log a past activity which has already been completed. By logging a task, you can easily keep track of activities done for a contact or a deal. Moreover, you can include the points discussed as notes in the logged task keeping all conversations and data in a single place.

To log an already completed activity:

  1. Open the contact or deal you need to log a task for
  2. Click on “Tasks” on the right side of the contact view page
  3. Click on “Log an activity” and select the type of task from the drop-down
  4. Select the completion date in task creation page. Here you can also change other optional fields such as Responsible, Related Contact etc.
  5. Click on “Log activity”.
  • Your task has now been successfully logged.
Pro Tip: 
All logged tasks can be viewed on contacts and deals in the history tab which helps you to get information for further follow-ups.


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