How Can I Sync My UPilot CRM Contacts with Mailchimp Using Zapier?

Looking to send out targeted Mailchimp bulk marketing campaigns to your UPilot contacts? You can set up an integration between UPilot and Mailchimp such that each new person added as a contact in to UPilot will be automatically added in your specified list in Mailchimp as well ready for your email marketing campaigns to be sent out. 

Follow the steps below to sync UPilot contacts with Mailchimp using Zapier:

  1. Open Zapier (You may need to create an account if you don’t already have one).
  2. Click on ‘Make a Zap’ located at the top right.
  3. In Step 1 (Trigger):
    1. Select UPilot as the ‘app’ from the search.
    2. Choose trigger as ‘New Person‘.
    3.  In the next step; Connect your UPilot account by clicking on ‘Connect a new account”.
  4. In Step 2 (Action):
    1. Choose Mailchimp as the ‘app’.
    2. Click ‘Add/Update Subscriber‘ and then ‘Continue’.
    3.  Connect your Mailchimp account.
    4.  On set up template, select the list and subscriber email by clicking on  icon next to each field.
  1. Click ‘Continue‘.
  2. Click ‘Finish‘.
  3.  You can now turn ‘on’ the Zap.
  • Your UPilot account is now synced with your Mailchimp account and any new person added in UPilot will be automatically added to the specified Mailchimp list as well.


Pro Tip: 
Using extra Zapier “filters”, you can also decide to add only specific people into Mailchimp (Eg: Contacts added with a status “client”).
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