How Can I Create Categories And Products?

Categories and Products are a powerful way to manage your deals. They help you in generating reports automatically by Categories and Products as well as in filtering your deals better.

Products themselves are linked to a particular Category. For example, a category called ‘Branding’ might have products such as Logo, Print Design, Web Design, etc. linked to it.

Both Categories and Products are completely customizable in UPilot CRM.

Go to Settings, Categories

Creating a new Category

  1. Go to Settings > Tags, categories, & products > Categories
  2. Click on ‘Create Category
  3. Enter the name of your new category in the popup
  4. Click ‘Save
  • Your category has now been created.

Creating a new product

The category just created does not have any products linked to it yet. We can now go ahead and add a new product:

  1. Go to ‘Products in Categories
  2. Click on the category under which you would like to create new products
  3. Click on ‘Create Product
  4. Enter the name of your new product in the popup
  5. Click ‘Save
  • Your product has now been created, and you will now be able to assign your new categories and products to deals.
Pro Tip: 
You can manage which users can add/edit categories and products by specifying the roles and permissions for the users. 
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