How to Overview the Number of Activities Done Using the UPilot Radar?

The UPilot Radar gives you a complete overview of the activities happening in your team and in the entire company. With the Radar, you can overview the activities filtered down by the type of user, by time frame, or by type of activity.  

You can also check the total number of activities done based on the above-mentioned filters. The activities such as no. of contacts generated, deals created, tasks logged etc. will be displayed on the header part of the Radar section.

  1. Open Radar Section.
  2. Click ‘Team Activity’ on the right side. You can also select the user from the ‘choose user’ option.
  3. Select the ‘time frame’ from the right side of the Radar


  • An overview of the total activities of the company or the selected user is now displayed in the header part of the radar.


Pro Tip: 
In Radar, you can search a specific deal/contact/task/email by entering the exact name in Search tab.
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