How to add a task in UPilot CRM?

With UPilot, you can manage your day-to-day tasks and get reminders for when a particular task is due. This will ensure that your deals or prospects slip through the cracks! You can create tasks for yourself or delegate them to another team member.

Adding a new task

You can add a new task in the system in the following manner:add-new-task-in-upilot

  1. Click the (+) icon on the top-left of the page and select ‘Add new task’.

    • Alternatively, you can also create a task from the ‘tasks section’ by clicking on ‘Add new task’ or click on ‘Schedule a follow up’ from a Person or a Deal you are viewing
  2. Click on ‘Select a type of task’ to select what kind of task this is
    You can also add your own ‘task type’ by clicking on ‘Add a new type of task’ from this dropdown or through the Settings > Manage Fields > Task fields 
  3. Set the Date and Time when the task is due.
  4. Set the required Reminders (By default both in-app as well as Email reminders are ON).
  5. Click on Show all fields to assign the related contact, deal, person responsible etc.
  6. Click on Create task on the bottom right.
  • Your task has now been created.

Pro Tip:

While creating the task, you can also delegate it to another person by changing the ‘Responsible’ field under ‘Show all fields’.


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