How Can I Change The Expected Closing Date For A Deal?

The Expected Closing Date (ECD) is unique for each deal and represents when the deal is expected to be closed. The ECD is also used for calculating your sales forecast, and it also helps you filter your deals better.

The ECD for a deal can be changed either from the Pipeline or from the deal view.

Changing ECD from the Pipeline

  1. Go to the Pipeline section
  2. Click on the calendar icon in the deal whose ECD is to be changed
  3. Select the new ECD as required by clicking on the appropriate date
  • The ECD has now been updated.

Pipeline - Change Expecting Closing Date

Changing ECD from deal view

  1. Open the deal whose ECD is to be changed
  2. Under Info, click on the ‘date’ for the ECD to enter edit mode
  3. Select the new ‘Expected Closing Date’ as required
  • The ECD has now been updated.

Set Expecting closing date in the deal view

Pro Tip:
Overdue deals still appear in the Pipeline, but their values are being excluded from the Pipeline value.  Keep your deals up-to-date and don’t let overdue deals (red calendar icon) hang around in your Pipeline. Update them by setting a new ECD in the future.

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