How to Create Custom Fields in UPilot?

UPilot CRM gives you the ability to create the fields which work the best for your business. The added fields would be available for all your users.

With custom fields, you will be able to document everything that you need to track in your everyday sales process.

You can create different fields for your contacts and deals sections.

Adding a Custom Field

To add your custom field:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Fields > Contact Fields / Deal Fields (depending on where you would like to add a custom field)
  2. Under Custom Fields, click on ‘Create new field
  3. Choose the type of field to be added:
    • Text
      • Short text
      • Long text
    • Number
      • Simple number
      • Percentage
    • Dropdown
    • Checklist
      • Simple Checklist
      • Multiple Options
    • Date type fields
      • Can be added both with and without reminders
    • File
      • Upload files
      • Add external links
    • Lookup
      • People
      • Companies
      • Deals
      • Users
    • To do lists
  4. Enter the field name and the Default text (required fields)
    • In case of adding Checklists or Dropdowns, you will also need to the add the various options
  5. Click on ‘Create field
  • Your custom field has now been created and will appear in the required section.
Pro Tip: 
With a custom field, you can create checklists that your reps can check as they move along a process. This will make sure the process set up is always followed. 
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