How Can I Create Custom Lists in Tasks?

In UPilot CRM, you have the flexibility to create your own custom lists for tasks with the filters that you want by saving them as a view. A custom list acts as a quick way to save your filters and quickly get to the information you are looking for on a regular basis. You also have the option of selecting your default custom view when you prefer to see only specific information every time you log in. Creating a Custom […]

How to Change the Type of an Existing Task?

While creating a task in UPilot, you can select the type of task you are creating. This can help you segment your daily/weekly tasks using the filters in the Tasks section. You can also make changes to an existing task at any time on various fields such as Responsible, Status, Type etc. If you want to change the type of an existing task instead of creating another with the same contact, you can easily update the task type in the […]

How to Edit Multiple Tasks at a time in UPilot?

In UPilot, you can quickly update multiple tasks in a single go in the Tasks section. Using the Quick edit, you can edit the Responsible, Status, as well as the Priority on the selected tasks. To update multiple tasks, you can: Navigate to the Tasks section Select the multiple tasks which you want to edit from the list Click on ‘Edit’ option above the list Edit the Responsible/Status/Priority on the edit window Click on ‘Save tasks’    

How to Change the Related Contact for an Existing Task?

For each task, you can edit the various fields of your tasks such as Responsible, Related contact, Status etc. To edit the related contact of your tasks: Go to the Tasks section. Select the task which you want to edit. Go to ‘Additional Info’ in the Task edit window. Remove the name in the ‘Related contact’ field and start typing the name you want to assign. Select the name from the drop-down that appears. Click anywhere outside to save the […]

How Can I Delete a Task?

With UPilot, you can manage your day-to-day tasks and get reminders for when a particular task is due. In UPilot, you can easily add, edit and delete tasks from the Tasks section. If a task is no longer required, you can also delete it in addition to marking it as cancelled. You can delete a specific task with the below steps: Go to the Tasks section Open the Task which you want to delete from the list Click on the […]

How Can I Check the Status of Tasks I Have Delegated?

In UPilot CRM, you can delegate tasks to someone else both during the creation of the task as well as after a task has been created. You can also use the filters inside the Tasks section to check specifically the status of these tasks to check whether they have been completed or not. To check the status of tasks that you have delegated, follow the below steps: Open the ‘Tasks’ section in UPilot Click on the Filter icon and select […]

How to Log An Already Completed Task in UPilot?

In UPilot, not only you can schedule an upcoming task but you can also log a past activity which has already been completed. By logging a task, you can easily keep track of activities done for a contact or a deal. Moreover, you can include the points discussed as notes in the logged task keeping all conversations and data in a single place. To log an already completed activity: Open the contact or deal you need to log a task […]

How Can I Create a Task Without Linking It to a Contact or Deal?

With UPilot, you can manage your day-to-day tasks and get reminders for when a particular task is due. Often, you may find the need to create tasks which are not particularly linked to a person or a deal. You can also set these tasks in UPilot by leaving out the related contact and deal section while getting the reminders for these tasks at the correct time! Following are the steps to create a task without linking it to any contact […]

How Can I Reschedule a Task in UPilot?

Once you have added a task in UPilot, you can reschedule your tasks in case the due date / time has changed. You can reschedule a task either from the reminder popup as well as from the task itself. Rescheduling the task To reschedule an existing task, you can: Open the task to be rescheduled Click on the date or the time depending on what has to be updated Select the new date / time from the popup Click anywhere […]

How to set or update reminders for a task?

Reminders help you to organise your tasks efficiently and make sure they don’t slip through the cracks. For each task, there are two type of reminders in UPilot and you can change them as required: Email Reminders – Get reminded about the task directly in your email Note: The default time for email reminders is 30 minutes before the task is due In-App Reminders – Get a pop-up reminder in UPilot about the upcoming task. Note: The default time set […]

How to add a task in UPilot CRM?

With UPilot, you can manage your day-to-day tasks and get reminders for when a particular task is due. This will ensure that your deals or prospects slip through the cracks! You can create tasks for yourself or delegate them to another team member. Adding a new task You can add a new task in the system in the following manner: Click the (+) icon on the top-left of the page and select ‘Add new task’. Alternatively, you can also create a […]

How to assign a task to someone else?

Often, you need to assign tasks to another member of your team in your day-to-say operations. In UPilot CRM, you can assign tasks to someone else both during the creation of the task as well as after a task has been created. During Task Creation To assign a task to someone else while you are creating your task, you can do so in the following manner: On the Task Creation page, click on ‘show all fields‘ Scroll down to the […]