Advanced Customizations

How Can I Create Relationship/Lookup Fields in UPilot?

Quite often, you may want to track the relationships between your people, companies, deals, or even your users! This can be to create Parent companies, Track a solution owner, or even track the reporting manager of your contacts. You can easily achieve this by creating a lookup field type of custom field inside UPilot. To create a new ‘Lookup type’ custom field, you can: Navigate to Settings > Manage Fields > Contact Fields / Deal Fields (depending on where you […]

How do the to-do lists work in UPilot?

The to-do lists in UPilot help create and streamline processes for your team. Once the field is created, the users can manage their action items by sorting them, assigning them to the right person, or even scheduling them for the right date! Adding Action Items A user will be able to create any actions on the to-do list along with the pre-existing ones. To add an action item, Click on “Add a to-do” Add in how you’d like to name […]

How Can I Create a List of Action Items for the Team?

UPilot CRM helps you create manageable processes for your teams by creating a list of action items on both your contacts and the deals sections. Added as “to-do” custom fields, these list of action items can be set up either as a template or can be customized for each contact or deal as well! Creating a new to-do custom field To create a new custom field which will house the action items, you can: Go to Settings > Manage Fields […]

How Can I Group Custom Fields In Different Sections?

With UPilot CRM, you can now create multiple custom field sections and further group custom fields within these sections. The new grouping lets you take your data documentation one step further. With sections and grouping, you can ensure your team can view related data in one place and organize them as needed. These custom sections and fields can be created for both your contacts and deals. Creating Custom Field Sections To add a new custom field section, you can: Navigate to […]

How Can I Exclude Private Emails from Syncing with UPilot?

  Once your emails have been synced with UPilot, your emails will be automatically associated with the contacts in your account. However, if you are looking to exclude all the emails with a contact or to a domain (Such as your bank, investors, board, etc.), you can choose to exclude emails to those contacts syncing with UPilot. Once excluded, any emails sent by or to any person within your UPilot account will not be synced with UPilot. Excluding emails by […]

How to Create a Checklist in UPilot?

With UPilot CRM, you can customize your Contact and Deal views with creating specific custom fields that may be relevant for you and your business. One of the types of custom fields you can add are checklists. The checklists can help you and your team keep track of specific points to be completed as you move the deal towards closing. On the flipside, the checklists can also be critical in keeping track of specific parameters for your contacts, such as specific […]

How Can I add Custom Fields with a Date or Time?

With UPilot CRM, you can create your own custom fields in various formats that can help you keep the information relevant to your business at the right place. You can also take advantage of the Date Time custom field which can help you in keeping track of important dates such as renewal dates, project start or end dates, etc. To add a custom Date/time field, you can: Navigate to Settings > Manage Fields > Contact Fields / Deal Fields (depending on where you would like to add […]

How Can I Customize the Deal Lost Reasons in UPilot?

In UPilot CRM, whenever a deal is marked as lost you can select a reason for the deal loss from the drop-down. The deal lost reasons can help you keep track of why the deal was lost at a deal level and can collectively provide you with analytics to look for trends using the insights section. Based on your needs, you can easily customize the deal lost reasons from the Deal fields in Settings. Adding a New Lost Reason To […]

How to Create, Edit and Delete Tags in UPilot?

In UPilot, you can add tags for each contact or deal which makes it easier to filter the contact list. Using tags, you can create specific lists of both Contacts and Deals based on your own defined specifications.  Creating Tags To create your own tags, you can: Open Settings (Gear icon on top-right) > Tags, Categories and Products > Tags Click on ‘Create a new tag’ at the top-right corner Enter the name of the new tag to be created Click on […]

How Can I Edit or Delete an Already Created Custom Field?

UPilot CRM gives you the ability to create the fields which work the best for your business. With custom fields, you will be able to document everything that you need to track in your everyday sales process. If you have already created your Custom Fields, you can make changes to those fields. Editing a Custom Field   To edit a custom field, follow the procedure: Navigate to Settings > Manage Fields > Contact Fields / Deal Fields. Under Custom Fields, […]

How to Add, Edit, and Delete a Task Type in UPilot?

In UPilot, you can manage your day-to-day tasks and get reminders for when a particular task is due. You can effectively manage your tasks using different task types and setting the reminder which will remind you before the mentioned time. Although there are some default task types such as Call, Email, Meeting etc.already in UPilot, you can add,edit, or delete these task types based on your needs. Adding a Task type To add a custom task type, you can do […]

How to Create Custom Fields in UPilot?

UPilot CRM gives you the ability to create the fields which work the best for your business. The added fields would be available for all your users. With custom fields, you will be able to document everything that you need to track in your everyday sales process. You can create different fields for your contacts and deals sections. Adding a Custom Field To add your custom field: Navigate to Settings > Manage Fields > Contact Fields / Deal Fields (depending on where you […]

How Can I Put My Team in Different Time Zones?

UPilot offers options to have multiple time-zones for your geographically distributed team. Each member or a group can be located in separate time-zones and all times would be displayed for that person itself. For example, if a two member team is located in two separate states or countries, each of the two people would see all activities and tasks in their own time. This is also helpful when you are travelling, and would like to see your tasks in your own […]