Accurate Forecasting

How do I generate a cash flow projection in UPilot?

Forecasting when you can expect payments to come in can help you take mission-critical decisions such as hiring, negotiating with vendors, etc. This data can be easily entered in by salespeople and weighted against the probabilities of closing the deals to give an accurate representation of how things will look like 3,6,9 or even 12 months in the future. UPilot allows complete in-depth forecasting of your cash flow across the coming months. You can also choose to view the cash flow […]

3 Ways Sales Forecasting Helps Your Business

This post originally appeared on the UPilot Blog.   In a week, how much of your time goes into forecasting sales?  Not much perhaps!  A lot of small businesses do not spend enough time projecting sales as much as they should.  Let’s face it, it’s time-consuming and you’ll never know if you’ve got it right.  So why bother?  Let’s find out. For starters, sales forecasting is the art of being able to say when your money is coming in and from where.  You can […]

How to Ensure a Perfect Forecast From Your Pipeline

UPilot updates all your forecasting and other reporting in real-time. This means that more accurate the data on a daily basis inside the CRM, more accurate your reporting will be. The pipeline is one the major areas from which a forecast is calculated. It shows not only the amount of deals that can be won in a given time-frame, but also the amount that you can expect from the deals every month, quarter, or year. Below, we will take a […]

How is My Sales Forecast Calculated in UPilot CRM?

UPilot CRM uses the pipeline not only to show you how your deals are progressing, but also to calculate an accurate sales forecast depending on the probabilities associated with each pipeline stage. The CRM uses a weighted probability system to calculate the forecast. To keep things simple, let’s assume there are 3 stages in your pipeline: Stage A: Probability – 10% and deal value of $1000 Stage B: Probability – 50% and deal value of $2000 Stage C: Probability – […]