How Can I Delete a Saved View?

In UPilot CRM, you can create your own custom views for the Contacts, Deals, and Tasks based on what works best for you. However, if you’d like to go and remove views no longer required, you can delete any view that has been created for you. You will not be able to delete another user’s custom views. Deleting a saved view To delete a saved custom view, you can: Go to any Contacts/Deals/Tasks pages Click on +Filters (Located on the top-right corner, […]

How Can I View My Contacts as a Pipeline?

With UPilot CRM, you can focus on a specific set of contacts and move them forward in the lifecycle using the contact pipeline view. The Pipeline View helps you segment your contacts by the contact status, which can also be customized. Accessing the Pipeline View You can access the Pipeline View of your contacts by: Going to the Contacts section Clicking on the Pipeline icon next to ‘Contacts’ heading on the top-left corner of your screen Change the card density […]

How to View Custom Fields in the Contacts Table in UPilot?

UPilot CRM allows you to customize your contacts and deals by adding in separate new sections for blocks of custom fields in a way that works best for your business. You can also choose to view these custom fields on your contacts table. By segregating your different custom views with different custom fields, you can always be sure of getting the information you need in a single glance. Adding Custom Fields to Your Table To display specific custom fields on […]

How Can I Customize My Contact Tables on UPilot?

Now on UPilot, you can customize your contact tables and custom views to include the custom fields you’ve created. With the complete customization, not only you can add or remove columns from your tables to include or exclude data, but you can also reorder your columns in the order that works best for you. This also provides you with the ability to create different custom views with different columns arranged as needed. Your preferences of both columns selected and their […]

How to Filter Using Your Custom Fields in UPilot?

UPilot allows you to customize both your contact and deal views by creating the specific custom fields based on your business needs. You can create custom fields such as open text, numbers, checklists, dropdowns, date time etc.  You can also filter out your contacts and deals based on your custom field data. To filter based on your custom fields, you can: Open your contacts/deal section Click on +Filters to open the filter panel Select the field you want to filter against […]

How Can I Update Multiple Contacts at the Same Time?

Based on your specific needs, you may want to update several contacts in your account at the same time. Moreso, you may want to assign them to a specific user (Based on geography, for example). To do these actions, you can take advantage of the Bulk Update of Responsible and Status feature available in the contacts section. In UPilot, to update several contacts in a single go: Open the Contacts page Select the contacts to be updated by checking the […]

How Can I Quickly Add in Pre-filled Notes in UPilot?

While adding notes to your Contacts, Deals, or Tasks, you can now create your own process and add in prefilled notes based on the scenario at hand. With the note templates, you can add in multiple options that can then be used in a single click. You can also prefill an @mention in your template to keep the right internal collaborators in the loop. Adding a new note template To add a new note template, you can: Open any existing […]

How Do I Upload Photos and Logos Manually in UPilot?

While UPilot automatically adds in photos from various social media along with other information when you add in their email address, you can also upload your own photos or logos for each of your contacts. You can upload an image for a person or a company in the following manner: Open the person or company you would like to add the image to Click on the avatar located next to the name in the middle of the contact Click on […]

How to Filter Contacts Using Multiple Tags?

Using tags in UPilot, you can add tags to each contact or deal to create your own lists based on your needs. While filtering the contacts or deals, you can use multiple tags at the same time as well. You can filter your contacts/deals using multiple tags at a time by applying the ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ options. Using ‘AND’ – functions as a combination of selected tags Using ‘OR’ – functions as any of the selected tags Using AND The […]

How Can I Arrange the Contacts Listed under a Company in Order of Preference?

While you may have multiple contacts inside each company, you (or your team) may want to be in touch with specific people on a  regular basis and need an easy way to get to them. With the ability to pin contacts inside each company, you can easily have the people you are in touch the most at the top of the list at all times. Pinning a Contact To pin a particular contact to the top of the list, you […]

How to Add/Edit the Job Title of an Existing Contact?

In UPilot, you can make changes to an existing contact at any time. Having the job title in place gives you more insight about the person you are speaking with and can also be used to filter out your contacts with a particular job title.  While creating a contact, if the job title is not added you can add it by following below steps: Open the contact that you want to update. Click on the contact name in the middle of […]

How to Customise the Contact Statuses in UPilot?

The Contact Status field is available by default in UPilot CRM in the contacts section. The Contact Status helps you to define the status of the contact. For e.g. If you are in contact with a person or company, you can put the contact status as “In contact” or “Open” etc. You can select the status of a contact from the drop-down list in any person’s or company’s contact page. Adding a Custom Contact Status To add a custom contact […]

How to Delete Multiple Contacts in UPilot CRM?

Sometimes, you might just want to delete several contacts (or deals or tasks) in a single go. This may arise due to an import, cleaning up your account, or for several other reasons. In UPilot, to delete several contacts in a single go: Open the Contacts page (or deals/tasks page if those are to be deleted) Select the contacts to be deleted by checking the box next to the contact name You can also select all the elements on the […]

How to Add, Edit, and Delete Contact Sources in UPilot?

Contact sources in UPilot is a field available by default in UPilot CRM in the contacts section. You can select Contact Sources from a drop down list in any person or company. The Contact Sources help you define the source where you got the contact from. This can help you further segment your contacts and create targeted lists using the filters in the contacts section. Adding contact sources Go to the Settings (Gear icon on top-right) > Manage Fields > […]

How To Search Contacts Based On Job Title?

You can deepen your search and filter out your contacts based on job title, country, and city. You can use these filters to segment and create lists for concentrated efforts. Below is the detailed steps on how to conduct this search. Search Based on Job Title To search by specific job title: Open the filter on the Contacts Page In the ‘search bar’ inside the filter, type “title=JobTitle“ This will search for any contact having the exact job title Eg: […]

How to Add a Contact to an Already Existing Company?

When you are adding new contacts, you might want to link them to a company that already exists in the system. Here are some different ways in which you can link the Contact to the Already existing company. While Adding a New Contact While adding a new contact, you can select the company with which you would like to link the contact. You can do so in the following manner: Go to ‘Add new Contact‘ Click on ‘show all fields‘ […]

How to Upload and Manage Documents in UPilot

Manage all your documents with an ongoing deal or a contact with a simple attachment system so you never lose track of documents again. Your various documents can be attached to a note in your Contacts, Deals, as well as Tasks. Uploading a Document Managing Documents For any Contact, Deal, or Task, you can use the filters in the notes to view only the various attachments you have.   To view only your documents: Open the required Contact, Deal, or Task […]

How To Create Multiple Lists In Contacts?

In UPilot CRM, you have the flexibility to create your own custom lists for contacts with the filters that you want by saving them as a view. A custom list acts as a quick way to save your filters and quickly get to the information you are looking for on a regular basis. You also have the option of selecting your default custom view when you prefer to see only specific information every time you log in.  Creating a Custom List You can create your custom list in the following […]

How to Use Tags in UPilot CRM?

Tags in UPilot significantly expand how you can customize your contacts by grouping them together the way you would like to. They can be used to filter your contacts by country, or whether they are decision makers in their organization, or in any other way you would like.  Adding Tags to Contacts Removing Tags from a Contact Using Tags to filter better Tags are an extremely powerful functionality to help you find information in very different ways. For example, you […]

How Is The Local Time Displayed For My Contact?

UPilot CRM automatically displays the local time for every contact (based on the time zone). Their local time is also visible when creating a task to help you choose the most feasible time for a meeting or call.  Where is the local time displayed? For each contact, their local time (along with the time zone, and the time difference) is displayed in two different locations: Bottom-left of the contact The local time is displayed directly at the bottom-left of the contact view screen […]

How do I Delete a Contact?

Any contact, whether it is a company or a person can be deleted directly from the contact view itself.

How Do I Change the Person Responsible for a Contact?

Any contact, whether it is a company or a person can be edited directly in the contact view itself, and this includes changing the person responsible.