How To Sync UPilot CRM Tasks With Exchange (Office 365) Calendar

With the UPilot Zapier, integration, you will be able to sync the tasks created in UPilot directly with your Exchange calendar. The UPilot task will create an event in your calendar within moments of it being created in UPilot.

To set up the sync with Calendar:

  1. Open Zapier (You may need to create an account if you don’t already have one)
  2. Click on ‘Make a Zap‘ located at the top right
  3. In Step 1 (Trigger):
    1. Select UPilot as the ‘app’ from the searchzapier-new-task-created
    2. Choose trigger as ‘New Task Created
    3. In the next step; Connect your UPilot account by clicking on ‘Connect a new account’
  4. [Optional] This step is optional; you can use this step only if you want to send tasks marked with a specific category, for example ‘meeting’, to your calendar.Click on the little ‘+’ before the ‘Action Step’
    1. Select ‘Filter’
    2. Select ‘only continue if’ in the right side
    3. Select ‘Task type’, ‘text contains’, Meeting
    4. Click ‘continue’
  5. On Step 3 (Action):
    1. Choose app ‘Office 365
    2. Click ‘Create Event’ and then ‘Continue
    3. Connect your Office 365 account
    4. On the setup template, you can set it up as below (You will be able to select the options by clicking on zapier-step-3-iconnext to each field)
  6. Click ‘Continue
  7. You can now turn ‘on’ the Zap.
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