How Can I Create and Send Emails Using Templates in UPilot?

UPilot allows you to do a complete background sync with Gmail, Exchange, as well as through IMAP/SMTP and automatically links your emails with the required contacts. Once you already have a template created or templates have been shared with you by the team, you can directly insert them into your emails. To send an email with an existing template: Open any contact/deal Click on Compose email to open the email composer Click on insert template located at the bottom of the email composer next to the Send button […]

How Can I Create Email Templates in UPilot?

UPilot allows you to do a complete background sync with Gmail, Exchange, as well as through IMAP/SMTP and automatically linking your emails with the required contacts. While you can write and send single emails to any contact in your account directly from UPilot, you can also create specific templates to quickly send out your emails. The email templates can be extremely helpful in creating a process for your team or simply to reduce the amount of time spent sending your […]

How Can I Exclude Private Emails from Syncing with UPilot?

  Once your emails have been synced with UPilot, your emails will be automatically associated with the contacts in your account. However, if you are looking to exclude all the emails with a contact or to a domain (Such as your bank, investors, board, etc.), you can choose to exclude emails to those contacts syncing with UPilot. Once excluded, any emails sent by or to any person within your UPilot account will not be synced with UPilot. Excluding emails by […]

How Can I Control Who Can See My Emails in UPilot?

With the automatic 2-way sync of your Emails, your email communication is automatically added to the contacts in UPilot. Moreover, you can control who will be able to see your emails in UPilot. At an individual user level, you have two privacy settings:  ‘Me & People above Me’- This option will give access to your emails only to the person you report to and the people above them in the reporting structure in UPilot. ‘Mirror role visibility setting’- This option […]

How to Add or Modify my Email Signature in UPilot?

Once you have synced your emails with UPilot, you can email your contacts from UPilot directly. You can also add in your own email signature. Adding Email Signature To Add your email signature for the first time, you can: Go to Settings (Gear icon on top-right) > Emails Under the signature section, click on ‘Create Signature‘ You can enter the signature as you would like and can use the formatting options to get the desired format Click ‘Save’ Modifying Your Email […]

How Can I Track my Emails in UPilot CRM?

Once you have synced your emails with UPilot (GMail, Exchange server, Outlook, as well as IMAP/SMTP), you can begin tracking the emails you send from UPilot. With tracking, you will get notified when your prospect has opened your email. Tracking your emails helps you understand when your prospect is interested, and let’s you follow-up with much higher precision – leading to higher sales! Tracking an email To track an Email from UPilot: Go to the contact to whom you would […]