How To Set My Personal Time zone?

Each user can set their own time zone in UPilot. The time zone feature helps in showing you the time difference between you and your contacts who may be in different time zones, as well as automatically updating the time when you may be travelling. 

How to open my account

To change the time zone:

  1. Go to ‘Your Profile’ > ‘View my account
  2. Under ‘Preferences’, you will find the option for the time zone
  3. Click on the time zone
  4. Select a time zone from the list
  5. Click ‘Save
  • Your time zone has now been updated

Change your personal timezone in the user view

Pro Tip:
To change the global time zone for your company’s account go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Global Preferences‘. Select another time zone from the list and click on the ‘Save Changes‘ button.


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