How Can I Control Who Can See My Emails in UPilot?

With the automatic 2-way sync of your Emails, your email communication is automatically added to the contacts in UPilot. Moreover, you can control who will be able to see your emails in UPilot.

At an individual user level, you have two privacy settings:

  1.  ‘Me & People above Me’- This option will give access to your emails only to the person you report to and the people above them in the reporting structure in UPilot.
  2. ‘Mirror role visibility setting’- This option will give access to all the people who have the permission to see your emails based on the permissions set at their role level.

To update the settings for your email privacy:

  1. Go to Settings > Emails
  2. Sync your emails if not synced yet
  3. Click on either ‘Me & People above Me’ or ‘Mirror role visibility setting’ in Emails Privacy option


  • Your email privacy settings are now updated


Pro Tip: 
You can mark any of your emails as ‘Private’ by selecting the email > Click on (+) icon > Select ‘Mark as Private’ option. Once marked a private, the selected email will not be visible to anyone else overriding the overall permissions set.
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