First Steps

How Can I Login to My UPilot Account?

To log in to your account: You can log in to your account directly from your personal subdomain, i.e from   To reset your password: In case you’ve forgotten your password, and want to reset it, you can: Go to your account URL, i.e Click on Forgot your password Enter your registered email address and click ‘Reset password’ You will now receive an email with your direct personal link to reset the password  

Why Did My Card Payment Fail While Trying to Sign up for UPilot?

Are you trying to set up a new subscription for your UPilot account but receiving an error on payment? UPilot uses a third party payment gateway called Braintree to process payments. In case your card has been declined, you will see an error message with an error code displayed on the top of your screen. You can refer to this table to check why your payment may have failed and take the required action. In case you are receiving an error code/error not specified, […]

How Do I Remove Sample Data in UPilot?

When you first create your UPilot account, some sample data is pre-loaded into your account which helps you discover the various features of UPilot. You can remove all the sample data in a single click in the below mentioned manner. Removing Sample Data To remove your sample data: Go to the Contacts, Deals, or the Tasks section Open any of the sample contacts, deals or tasks At the bottom of the open sample data, click on ‘Remove all sample data‘ [Optional] At […]

How Does The 14-Day Free Trial Work?

You and your team can use completely FREE for 14 days. At any point during the trial, you can enter your billing information to have uninterrupted access to your account after your trial as well. No credit card is required for the free trial, and we will not charge you anything during this period. Limitations: None whatsoever. With your free trial, you have complete access to the CRM with all the features available.      

How Can I Schedule A Demo For UPilot CRM?

New to UPilot, or migrating from another CRM? We can help you schedule a personal demo with our Customer Success experts for you and your team members. The demo will help you understand the features of UPilot, and how it can help you grow. All personalized for you! Just fill out your details here, and we will get in touch with you.

How Can I Add or Invite Users to My UPilot Account?

You can add as many users as you would like in UPilot, both during the trial period and later on as well. New users can be added as follows: Go to ‘Settings > Users & Permissions > Manage Users’ Click on ‘Create User‘ at the top Add the people you want to invite and go to the ‘Next Step’ [Optional] Here you may add a personal message that will be added to the invitation email which will be sent to the user asking him to […]

How To Set My Personal Time zone?

Each user can set their own time zone in UPilot. The time zone feature helps in showing you the time difference between you and your contacts who may be in different time zones, as well as automatically updating the time when you may be travelling.   

How to Change the Global Time Zone of Our Company?

In UPilot, while each person can set their own timezone in case you have a geographically distributed team, you can also set the default timezone for your company. In case you would like to update the default timezone of your account, you can do so in the following manner: Go to Settings > Global Preferences Change the time-zone your company from the drop-down list in the time-zone field. Click on Save changes