How Can I Track my Emails in UPilot CRM?

Once you have synced your emails with UPilot (GMail, Exchange server, Outlook, as well as IMAP/SMTP), you can begin tracking the emails you send from UPilot. With tracking, you will get notified when your prospect has opened your email.

Tracking your emails helps you understand when your prospect is interested, and let’s you follow-up with much higher precision – leading to higher sales!

Tracking an email

To track an Email from UPilot:

  1. Go to the contact to whom you would like to send an email to
  2. Click ‘Email’ on the right side of the contact view
  3. By default, the email tracking is enabled for each email. This is denoted by the ‘eye’ icon located at the bottom of the email compose box
  4. Send the Email

Track Email

Checking When an Email has Been Viewed

UPilot lets you know when an email has been opened, by notifying you within in the app as well as for each individual email in the contact as well.

To see where, when and how many times an email has been opened, you can do so in the following manner:

  1. Open the contact with whom you would like to see your email exchange
  2. On the right side, under the History, you can see all the emails sent and received
  3. For each email, an Orange icon means that the email has not been viewed yet, while a blue icon means that the email has been viewed within the last 24 hours, while a grey icon means an email was opened over 24 hours ago
  4. For viewed emails, the blue/grey eye icons will show how many times the email has been viewed.
  5. Hovering over the eye icon will give further information such as when, and where the email was opened, along with the device used.
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Turning off Email Tracking

By default, the Email tracking is turned on in your account. However, if you would like to toggle the setting, you can do so in the following manner:

  1. Go to Settings (Gear icon on top-right of the screen) > Emails
  2. Click on the down arrow for Email Tracker
  3. You can toggle the setting to turn it on/off


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