How Do I Upload Photos and Logos Manually in UPilot?

While UPilot automatically adds in photos from various social media along with other information when you add in their email address, you can also upload your own photos or logos for each of your contacts.

You can upload an image for a person or a company in the following manner:

  1. Open the person or company you would like to add the image to
  2. Click on the avatar located next to the name in the middle of the contact
  3. Click on ‘Add picture
  4. Select the image to be uploaded and click ‘Open’
  5. You will now see the photo and can select the part needed or zoom in or out as necessary
  6. Click ‘Upload image
  7. Click on the image from the options to select it as the Avatar for the contact


  • The  image is now uploaded and will be displayed along with the contact
Pro Tip: You can also add in your personal avatar that will show along with your activity in the account from your user profile > Clicking on the Avatar and uploading the needed photo


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