Users and Permissions

How To Give Users Permissions In UPilot?

With UPilot CRM, you can easily emulate the various roles in your company or sales team, and set the permissions associated with them. You can easily drill down to each action (Creation, Deletion, Edition, etc.) within a feature such as Contacts, Deals, etc. It is possible to change the permissions for: Contacts Deals Pipeline Dials Tasks Notes Filter Views Settings Tags Product and Categories Setting the Permissions You can assign the required permissions in the following manner: Click on Settings […]

How Can I Control Who Can See What Data in UPilot?

UPilot gives you complete control on who can see what data inside your account.  Roles and Visibility gives you the possibility to set up your own roles and to change the current permissions of team members. By default, the various roles that exist in the system are: Restricted Team Member Team Member Team Manager Executive Manager System Admin Owner Creating a New Role You can create a new role and define who will be entitled with that role and grant […]