How Can I Import My Data from Insightly to UPilot CRM?

UPilot offers a single click import of all your data from Insightly CRM. You can import your data at both the registration stage as well as at a later stage.

Exporting from Insightly

To export all your data from your Insightly account, you can do so in the following manner:

  1. Login to your Insightly account
  2. Go to the System Settings
  3. Click on ‘Data Export’
  4. Click ‘Email me an Export of All Account Data’
    A zip file would now be emailed to your registered Email id. Once this has been done, all your data can be imported into UPilot in one go.Email me an Export of All Account Data
  5. Download the file received in your Email 
  • You are now ready to import your data into UPilot.

Importing into UPilot

To start importing your data in UPilot CRM, you can do so in the following manner:

  1. Click on the ‘Create’ menu > Import data
    On the top, Go to Create, and then Import
  2. Select ‘from another CRM’ > Insightly
    Import Data 1
  3. Select and upload the Zip file that you had exported from Insightly to start the import
  • Your data would now be imported, and you can refresh UPilot to see all your data
Pro Tip: 
To import further data at a later stage, you can also import your data via a CSV file  
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