How Can I Change the ‘Date of Winning’ a Deal?

A large number of insights and reports in UPilot are dependent upon the date a deal was won. This may typically be the date a contract is signed or the product is shipped. By default, when marked as Won, the date added is the day you marked it as won.   In case you’d like to change the Deal closed to an older date, you can: Open the deal you’d like to update the closing date for In the info […]

How Can I Create Custom Lists On The Deals Section?

In UPilot CRM, you have the flexibility to create your own custom lists for all sections, including the deals, with the filters that you want by saving them as a view. A custom list acts as a quick way to save your filters and quickly get to the information you are looking for on a regular basis. This can include checking only the deals closing in a specific quarter, by a specific Business Unit, or even by a custom field […]

How to View Custom Fields in the Deals Table in UPilot?

UPilot CRM allows you to customize your contacts and deals by adding in separate new sections for blocks of custom fields in a way that works best for your business.’ Any custom field added on to the deals can also be added on to the deals table! Combined with custom views as well as stage based custom fields, you can customize your views in any way you’d like! Adding Custom Fields to Your Table To display specific custom fields on […]

How to Clone a Deal in UPilot?

Every now and then, you may want to create multiple deals with similar data entered to them. In such cases, instead of creating deals individually with the same data or minor changes, you can simply clone the existing deal to create a copy of it. The deal cloning is also quite useful when you have complex deals with many products in it. It saves valuable time in creating the deal all over again. To clone an existing deal: Open the original deal […]

Managing Complex Deals with Multiple Stakeholders in UPilot

Deals are complex. Multiple stakeholders, points of contact, and information. Managing these is important when it comes to successfully closing a deal. A comprehensive view of this complex timeline can help you achieve greater success. With UPilot, you can now view the timelines of related contacts and various stakeholders within the deals themselves. Your team can access all the deal related data in one place without switching between the main contact and the various stakeholders individually. Navigating Between the Deal […]

How to Filter Using Your Custom Fields in UPilot?

UPilot allows you to customize both your contact and deal views by creating the specific custom fields based on your business needs. You can create custom fields such as open text, numbers, checklists, picklists, date time etc.  You can also filter out your contacts and deals based on your custom field data. To filter based on your custom fields, you can: Open your contacts/deal section Click on +Filters to open the filter panel Select the field you want to filter against […]

How Can I link Multiple Contacts to Deal in UPilot? – Adding, Editing, and Customising Stakeholders

While working with your deals in UPilot, you might often have multiple people involved in the deal apart from your primary contact. These people may be influencers, any partners you work with, or even the final decision makers to close the deal. With the stakeholder section in the deals in UPilot, you can associate multiple people to each deal apart from your primary related contact. All the stakeholders added to a deal would be visible both in the ‘additional info’ section as […]

How to Delete a Deal?

In UPilot CRM, you can easily create a deal and can trace each stage of the deal in the pipeline. However, if you want to remove the deal from the list instead of marking it as lost you can directly delete it as well. You can delete a particular deal in the following way: Open the deal which you want to delete. Click on the deal name on the deal view page Click on the ‘Delete deal’ option. Click ‘Delete’ […]

How Can I Add or Update The Category/Product for an Existing Deal?

Categories and Products are a powerful way to manage your deals as they can help you segment your pipeline, look at revenue from a particular category, etc. You can completely customize categories and products in UPilot by creating the ones that fit your business. You can add or update the categories and products for your existing deals. To Add/Update category/product(s) for existing deals, you can: Open the deal which you want to edit.                                                              Click on the deal name section […]

How Can I Edit or Delete Categories and Products in UPilot?

To manage deals, Categories and Products are important factors as they help segment your deals based on various verticals or products you have. You will be able to able filter your deals as well as set up specific reporting based on the Categories and Products. Editing a Category To edit an already existing existing category, you can: Go to Settings > Tags, categories & products > Categories Click on the Category to be updated Enter the updated name and click ‘Save’ Editing a Product […]

How to Upload and Manage Documents in UPilot

Manage all your documents with an ongoing deal or a contact with a simple attachment system so you never lose track of documents again. Your various documents can be attached to a note in your Contacts, Deals, as well as Tasks. Uploading a Document Managing Documents For any Contact, Deal, or Task, you can use the filters in the notes to view only the various attachments you have.   To view only your documents: Open the required Contact, Deal, or Task […]

How Can I Create Categories And Products?

Categories and Products are a powerful way to manage your deals. They help you in generating reports automatically by Categories and Products as well as in filtering your deals better. Products themselves are linked to a particular Category. For example, a category called ‘Branding’ might have products such as Logo, Print Design, Web Design, etc. linked to it. Both Categories and Products are completely customizable in UPilot CRM. Creating a new Category Go to Settings > Tags, categories, & products […]

How Can I Set Recurring Payments For My Deals?

If your business has deals which are paid on an hourly, weekly, monthly or an annual basis, you can effectively use recurring payments in UPilot. Such payments can be used to not only manage the final deal values, but also to automatically renew deals as well. You also have the option of adding multiple payments, which can be a mixture of one-time and recurring payments. Adding recurring payments: Whether you are creating a new deal or editing an existing deal, […]

How To Add or Update the Related Contact For a Deal?

Any deal that you create can be linked to a contact (both companies and people) both during the time of creation or later on. The contact with whom the deal is linked can be changed at a later stage as well. Adding Related Contact During Deal Creation To link a deal to a contact during the creation process: Adding Related Contact After Creation Once a deal has been created, and you would like to change the contact with whom it […]

How Do I Change The Person Responsible For A Deal?

The person responsible for the deal in the CRM is usually the person who is actively following up on the deal. It is also this person who receives notifications for any change made to the deal including any deal information and the deal status.  The person responsible for the deal and all other deal info can be changed directly from the deal view page.

How Can I Filter My Deals?

In UPilot CRM, you can segment your deals based on your own criteria by using the powerful filters to drill down to the deal(s) you are looking for: Go to the Deals section Click on the filter icon on the right side of the screen or use the short cut ‘Shift+F’ to expand the ‘filters section’ Specify one or more filters to find the deal(s) you’re looking for. You can filter with multiple criteria, including by ‘deal status’ (won, pending, and lost deals) or any of the […]