How do I generate a cash flow projection in UPilot?

Forecasting when you can expect payments to come in can help you take mission-critical decisions such as hiring, negotiating with vendors, etc. This data can be easily entered in by salespeople and weighted against the probabilities of closing the deals to give an accurate representation of how things will look like 3,6,9 or even 12 months in the future.

UPilot allows complete in-depth forecasting of your cash flow across the coming months. You can also choose to view the cash flow coming from only a subset of your deals. This additional exportable projection is in addition to the ‘Revenue over Time’ dial available in the insights.

Generating the cash flow projection

To generate your cash flow projection, you can:
  1. Go to the deals section
  2. Add in any filters such that you’re viewing the data for which you want to generate the report
    1. Eg: Cashflow only for a specific business vertical defined by the category
  3. Click on the ‘export’ icon located at the bottom of the open filters panel
  4. Select the needed fields
  5. Make sure the “Weighted cash projection” field is checked
  6. Click on ‘Export CSV
  • You will soon receive a link to download the CSV file with the needed fields along with the cash projection.

The monthly projection is weighted against the probability assigned to each deal.

Data Exported

Once you’ve received the CSV file, you can open the same to see the cash flow:

From: 13 months prior to the current month

Until: the next 15 months.

Access required

To be able to export deals and generate this projection, you will need access to: “Export a deal”


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