How Can I Create a List of Action Items for the Team?

UPilot CRM helps you create manageable processes for your teams by creating a list of action items on both your contacts and the deals sections.

Added as “to-do” custom fields, these list of action items can be set up either as a template or can be customized for each contact or deal as well!

Creating a new to-do custom field

To create a new custom field which will house the action items, you can:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Fields > Contact/Deal fields
  2. Click on ‘Create New Field‘ on the section you’d like to create the field in
  3. Select the “To-do list” field option
  4. Set the field name as you’d like the users to see the name
  5. Set the options as either “Custom” or “Use a template
    1. If using “Custom”, the users will be able to create their own to-do items for each contact or deal.
    2. If using “Use a template”, When on – user will see a prefilled list of to-do items from a template.
  6. If using templates, select the template from “- Use a template or Create new -”
    (See below further for managing templates for your action items)
  7. Click ‘Create Field


  • Your to-do list is now created and will be viewable for all users.

Managing Your To-Do List Templates

If you’re looking to create templates of action items for your team, you can manage them while creating a new “to-do list”.

When creating a list, click on “- Use a template or create new -” to view available templates or to create a new one.


Creating a new Category

Your templates can be housed collectively under categories for easy management. To create a new category:

  1. Once on the ‘Manage templates’ popup, click on “New Category
  2. From the popup that appears, enter the Category as you’d like
  3. Click ‘Save
  • Your category has now been created and templates can now be stored under this


Creating a New Template

  1. Once on the ‘Manage templates’ popup, click on “New Template
  2. Enter the List Name as you’d like the other users to see the template name
  3. Select the category under which the template is to be created
  4. Click on “Add a to-do” to start adding the action items for the list
  5. Add in all the needed action items
  6. Set who should be able to see the template:
    Private -> Only you will be able to see it
    Team -> The team in which you belong will be able to see it
    Company -> Everyone in the company will be able to see it
  7. Click “Save” to save the template
  • Your template has now been created and ready for use


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