How Can I Change the ‘Date of Winning’ a Deal?

A large number of insights and reports in UPilot are dependent upon the date a deal was won. This may typically be the date a contract is signed or the product is shipped.

By default, when marked as Won, the date added is the day you marked it as won.

A ‘Deal closed’ date for a won/lost deal can only be set for ‘today’ or in the past. It cannot be set in the future.


In case you’d like to change the Deal closed to an older date, you can:

  1. Open the deal you’d like to update the closing date for
  2. In the info section, click on the date listed next to the ‘Deal closed’
  3. Select the actual date the deal was closed
  • The ‘Deal closed’ date of the deal has now been updated and will be used for all reporting calculations.

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