How can I create a Microsoft Exchange App Password for UPilot Sync with 2-factor authentication enabled?

Looking to sync your Microsoft Exchange or Office365 emails with UPilot?
If you have 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled to log in to your email account, you will need to create a UPilot specific password to sync your emails.

You will be able to create the app password only if you have the 2-factor authentication enabled.

Creating the app password

To create your UPilot specific app password:

  1. If you’re using a Microsoft Exchange account, login here: 
  2. Click on “+Add method
  3. From the popup that appears, click on “Choose a method” > Select “App password” > Click “Add
  4. On the box that appears, enter in the name as anything you’d like: Eg: UPilot sync
  5. A password specifically for syncing on UPilot will now be displayed
  6. Copy this password that appears
    (Don’t share this password with anyone!)
  • Your UPilot specific app password is now created for your email sync

Syncing your emails

Once you have the password copied, you can now go to UPilot and continue the sync as normal.

Here’s a detailed article outlining the process to sync your emails with Exchange.


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